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El Lechón Choncho

Ratings – 4.7/5 🌟

We have all been at the stage where we were children. Remember the story our grandparents used to tell. I always waited for that part of the day when my grandmaa came to my bed and told me stories until I fell asleep. Now after she wasn’t there I really missed it so my parents bought me book to read. After I got this book it really took me back to those days. The book is called “El Lechón Choncho: Choncho the Pig”.

Starting with the title of the book “El Lechón Choncho: Choncho the Pig” is a perfectly relevant title. Well for children they just need title they understand and they can remember. It has both the qualities so it’s a perfect fit. Cover on the other hand gives a comic like vibe which amazes the children and cheer them up. This is a very personal experience as for children book I try reading it for my cousin who is 7 years of age.

Talking about the the content of the book. Well I feel the children books are the books which create a base for their future. The story is however based on a pet which gives them social values. Well specifically El lechon Choncho is a giant pinkish-white pig with large, straight-up ears. He’s as big as a tractor. But he’s not just tall, he’s sweet, smart, brave, and he’s basically the funniest pig you’ve ever met! Join Hilda and her sisters as she shares the stories of El Lechon Choncho, her beloved family pet, and the fantastic one. Being a short read you can keep it a bedtime read for like a week. I would prefer reading it at bedtime and trust ke the smile on the kids face is just incredible. I would like to thank the author for giving such an experience through the book. I souk like to recommend it go all the people looking for children books for their children. So what are you guys waiting for go grab your copy fast.

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