Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Where would we be without our teachers? Even if you didn’t like to go to school, I am sure most of us have that one teacher who touched our lives and from time to time we continually remember them.

For me it was two teachers. Mrs. Butler of kindergarten and Mrs. Easley of third grade. Both my teachers have been and will always be my favorites. They were so kind, patient, funny and didn’t expect anything more but our bests. Even if that meant, I got a bad grade.

My children both had those one of a kind teachers too. School has not been a favorite subject of my children. It is not easy when both your children have learning differences and I will not get into details to protect their privacy. It is their story to tell. However, when you are able to find a teacher who sparks that little bit of clarity and open a little mind, that day…is a good day.

Thank you to all the teachers who wake up every school morning to be ready to help children get an education. Even though there are those who leave alot to be desired, it cannot be easy to teach children every day.

How many times did we hear parents complaining, crying, yelling, venting about having to home school during the pandemic? Teachers were a lifeline to us. It was a new normal for everyone but not one we wanted to have.

My son’s favorite teacher before and during the pandemic gave him the spark to give him a better outlook in his education. He changed and was happier. And then school ended and we had to hold our breath for the new school year. We sent him to school physically worried if he took his mask off, got out of his designated square, washed his hands good. But our biggest concern was how would his teacher be? What would she be like?

Well, it turned out so much better than expected. My son advanced faster than before and it was so wonderful to watch. My daughter has been her own success story and she is turning into a beautiful young lady.

As a parent, you want to make sure your children are happy and healthy (mentally, physically and emotionally). Thanks to our teachers, they are one of the biggest ingredients in helping our children do just that.

To all teachers around the world, THANK YOU!

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!!

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