We need to protect our children!

I was just told a horrifying story about an attempted kidnapping/sex trafficking incident, which happened in Miami’s Dolphin Mall at the Dave & Buster’s women’s restroom. Apparently, gaming venues are a hot spot for traffickersA recent field trip for a teen girls sailing class, attended by their mothers and coach almost led to tragedy.

As the 10 girls were heading to the restroom, their mothers were just outside the bathroom entrance. 10 girls went in. 9 girls came out. The mother of the missing girl was hysterically searching for her and called the police.

They found her in one of the stalls with the trafficker. She was gagged and already with her clothes changed standing on the toilet seat. The police said these attempts are happening at least 2 to 3 times a week. A WEEK!

Parents spread the word! Do not let your children go to the bathroom alone, especially at these places where they are being watched! The only the reason they found her was because her mother was there.

Go with them to the bathroom even if it is an inconvenience. If you have to, check the stalls. This is no longer about creating independence. Our children are the targets.

Talk to them about what to look out for. Give them scenarios. Help them to understand how they need to be hypervigilant. It is ok to scream and make a scene. It could save their life!

Once these children are taken, it is so hard to get them back. Obviously, I am talking about preteen and teenagers.

However, our small children should never be left alone or too far away. No matter how mature you like to boast your child to be, remember they cannot fight off a trafficker. That is why they need their parent/parents.

Even if you are a young woman, please don’t go to places alone without friends. Don’t meet new dates alone, no matter how nice he appears to be. Always go to public places with friends nearby. Have a secret word amongst your friends to alert them you are in trouble.

Being careful is not a sign of weakness. You just never know….

Please spread the word. Our children need us.

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