There are unbreakable bonds of friendship formed in this world which we carry with us and cherish for a lifetime. One of them can be a little girl and her best four-legged friend.

In this case, it is a pig.

It is my honor to introduce you to El Lechón Choncho: Otherwise known as Choncho the Pig!

This lovable and gentle giant is the star of my brand-new children’s book. It is a wonderful story about my mother Hilda and her incredible, sometimes hilarious adventures with her favorite family pet, Choncho the pig; while growing up on her family farm in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

This been a labor of love which I have dedicated to my mother and my children. El Lechón Choncho, will be a story you will enjoy reading to your children orgrandchildren. You can also learn a few Spanish words if you don’t already speak it. I always loved the stories she told us about him when I was little and now, I can share them with all of you!

I’d love to hear from you. Please connect with me through my contact page or social media pages.

Thank you!


About the Book

El lechon Choncho is a giant pinkish-white pig with large ears that stand straight up. He is as big as a truck. But not only is he large, he is sweet, smart, brave, and practically the funniest pig you could ever meet! Just ask Hilda!

El Lechón Choncho: Otherwise known as Choncho the Pig by Jennifer S. Segarra

Follow Hilda and her sisters as she tells the story of her favorite family pet, el lechon Choncho, and the incredible, sometimes hilarious adventures growing up on their farm in Puerto Rico.

El lechon Choncho is a wonderful story of a charming yet lovable pig that will bring a smile to your face and have a special place in your child’s heart.

Who would have thought a pig could be the best friend of a little girl?

Order your copy of El Lechón Choncho: Otherwise known as Choncho the Pig today! And please leave a review!

About the Author

Author Jennifer S. Segarra

Jennifer Segarra-Fernandez had loved reading and writing stories since she was a little girl. She especially loved to hear the stories told by her mother of life on her family farm as a child in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Her favorite story was the one of el lechon Choncho, the lovable, kind and extraordinary pet pig. Always proud of her Latin heritage, she dreamed of one day bringing this story to life in a children’s book. Her dream finally came true.

She lives in the United States with her family.



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Rated 3.6 out of 5
3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)
Very good32%

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Rated 4 out of 5
September 11, 2022

authorjennifersegarra.com ofeiifeodwpdeofijesdwsfeiiejokdwpdoefigjfidoksfihigjskodwsfiheghifegergsdfsregsfggrgr


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El Lechon Choncho Book review

Rated 5 out of 5
June 17, 2021



PAGES: -29

RATING: – 4.4/5

LINK: – https://www.amazon.ca/El-Lechn-Choncho-Pig-ebook/dp/B08VBPLK87/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=EL+LECHON&qid=1622955498&sr=8-1

Talking about the author Jennifer has been a book and writing lover since childhood. She loved hearing stories from her mother about her farm in Puerto Rico. The story about EL Lechon Choncho was one of the stories her mother narrated to her and being proud of her heritage she decided o bring it to the world’s notice and here we are reading it.

El Lechon Choncho was a big, friendly, lovable pig pet. The story starts with an evening at Ortiz’s house where two girls named Anna and Antonia are very excited to visit her grandma’s farm and see the different animals they have heard from her mother. El Lechon Choncho was a big pink-whitish pig, probably heavier than a truck with big ears that stood upright.

The pig had a constant big smile on his face. But initially it was not much admired by the mother until the pig supposedly saved her life. The cover is adorable, and the title is also appropriate. The author did an excellent job with both the storey and the character. This book will undoubtedly leave a positive impression on your child’s mind. Children will learn valuable moral lessons while having fun.

Really cute pictures are available on each alternate page that really gains the children’s attention. Great work by the author!!!

Aakash Tayal aka Travel.Read

Choncho the Pig and its story

Rated 5 out of 5
May 3, 2021

Loving this book about a pet pig larger than life and a beautiful family that loves this brave pig!

Enjoyed the sweetness yet how real the story was! No fantasy just a true story told through the eyes of a young girl.

Precious memories by the Author and her Mother!

Love that it’s a bilingual story as well preserving part of our heritage!

Rebekah López

This Brave , Intelligent and Smart Pig Succeeds in Teaching the Girls true Social Values!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 20, 2021

El Lechon Choncho : Choncho The Pig

By : Jennifer S Segarra

Edition : Kindle / Paperback / Hardcover

My Ratings : 4.7/5⭐

El Lechon Choncho : Choncho The Pig by Jennifer S Segarra is an assemblage of only 29 pages . Before I started to read , I didn’t know it would be such wonderful experience .

So this book is basically a children book , the protagonist name as seen in the title is El Lechon Choncho who is a monster pinkish white pig and is big as a truck .The story starts with two girls named Anna and Antonia who are so excited to spend there vacation with El Lechon Choncho .

The brave , intelligent and smart pig succeeds in teaching the girls the social values . I really enjoyed reading this humorous story . Pictures in the book made it more interesting and an engaging one .

Talking about the title of the book , it fetched my couple of seconds to construe and is quite captivating . The name given to the character in the story is quite unique and thoughtful . The cover of a book with two girls and pig goes perfect to the storyline and is captivating .

Narration flowed so smoothly , even the kids won’t find much difficulty to go through the narration . So its the best book a child can go through and will definitely find it interesting .

Overall, quite appreciable job done by the author . Thank you so much Jennifer Segarra for this beautiful experience and I would definitely suggest everyone to go through this book , get your hands on this book as soon as possible and share it with your cousin’s and friends as well .

Happy Reading

Diksha Malik

El Lechón Choncho: Choncho the Pig

Rated 5 out of 5
April 20, 2021

El Lechón Choncho: Choncho the Pig

My Rating – 4.8/5 ⭐

My Review📚

So, it is being a long time since I have started reviewing children books, the book I came across was “El Lechón Choncho” is one of the best books I came across this season.

Starting with the title of the book ” the title is such that made me eager to read this one. After reading it I feel the title was a perfect fit. The cover on the other hand is as creative as the first one. Overall, the other appearance of the book was not compromised, and it was just amazing.

Before starting the to read the book I thought it would be a very normal experience, but it was not so the pictures in the book made it more interesting and I was hooked to it

Coming to the plot the story is about El lechon Choncho is a pinkish-white pig with large, straight-up ears and the size of the pig is huge. Sounds interesting right?

The story begins at Ortiz home where Anna and Antonia were in mood to play but her mother made them fall asleep, because the next day was important. You guys know why? Because they were going to Abuela farm. Read this story to find what is next but trust me the Big pig will keep you hooked to the story.

It is a short read of 29 pages, and you can read it in one sitting, and I can promise you all will be hooked to it. The author has put vivid imagination in producing a perfectly blended storyline and can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults.

This is a very creative and exciting children’s book, and it has a very beautiful cover. The tale is well written, and well-illustrated. I love illustrations because they are pleasing to the eyes and are easy to understand. It was a fast and brief reading for me. I am sure children would enjoy reading it. This book has enhanced wonderful pictures and toddlers will love it.

Tanmay Mehta

El Lechón Choncho: Choncho the pig is a absolutely amazing story by Jennifer S. Segarra.

Rated 5 out of 5
April 20, 2021

Before I get into the review let me tell you this, the book is written in a very creative manner.

The pictures in the book will keep the keen interest of children to continue reading. The illustrations are absolutely fantastic.

El Lechón Choncho: Choncho the pig is a absolutely amazing story by Jennifer S. Segarra.

The book tells an amazing story of a pig named El Lechón Choncho who is a giant pinkish-white pig with large ears that stand straight up.

The story starts with two young girls Anna and Antonia, who are really excited about visiting their grandmother’s farm in Puerto Rico

More importantly, they are going to meet El Lechón Choncho.

What I liked most about the story is that the pig is the best friend of a little girl and the favorite animal of the family. Who would have thought a pig could be the best friend of a little girl?

Do you want to know more about El Lechón Choncho? You’ll have to read the story to find out more.

Overall it was a lovely read and I would highly recommend this book.

Happy Reading!!!

Ankita Das

El lechon Choncho is a story of an adorable pig who brings smiles and happiness to a little girl

Rated 5 out of 5
April 20, 2021

As the name of the book is, El lechon Choncho is the main character of this tale, who is a pinkish-white fat pig with large ears.

The character of pig as described by the author is big as a truck, he is sweet, helpful and very brave in nature. The tale is about Hilda and her sisters who tells us the story about this cute pig named, El lechon Choncho.

The story has a lot of funnier adventures memories, the best was the farm in Puerto Rico one. You will definitely feel pigs can be so adorable as a pet.

The uniqueness about the story is nobody can imagine that a pig can be a best friend of a little girl.

And that’s why, I would like to thank author Jennifer for thinking about such unique, out of the box content.

One of the best book for kids, the vocabulary used by author is also easy to read, you will finish the book in one go. The cover of the book is so cute.

To sum up the review, El lechon Choncho is a story of an adorable pig who brings smiles and happiness to a little girl. Do read out folks, its a great one.

Abhijeet Bankar

It’s the best children book I have ever read till date and the perfect one in terms of language and narration as well

Rated 5 out of 5
April 19, 2021


My Ratings : 4.7/5🌟

The title of the book that is El Lechon Choncho intrigued me so much that I was so excited to go through this book and quite eager to know about the story . So as the title suggests the story is about a pig named Choncho .

The story follows with a girl named Hilda who lives in puerto Rica who and she owns a giant pet pig , this pig is big as a truck with straight ears . The brave , smart and intelligent pig soon becomes the good friend of Anna and Antonia who have visited to spend there time in the vacations.

Talking about the cover of the book , it is quite appealing and relevant to the storyline as well . It’s the best children book I have ever read till date and the perfect one in terms of language and narration as well . Children won’t find it difficult to go through .

I really enjoyed reading about the pig and this book kept me engaged till last. I finished reading this book in just one sitting and trust me this giant pig will keep you hooked till last .

The story succeeded in giving a beautiful smile on my face and I am sure that you guys will be reading it with a grin .

So what are you guys waiting for ??

Happy Reads